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jaco, costa rica

Everyday Heroes Like You has teamed up with KIDS FIRST to help address the need to create a safe environment for the at-risk youth in Jaco, Costa Rica. The KIDS FIRST organization helps children stay off the streets where they’re exposed to drugs and crime -- giving them an environment to learn and grow.


Our challenge? Too many children in our community are raised by single mothers working 6 days a week who cannot afford daycare. Left unsupervised so many hours a day, these children are at high risk– especially after school, weekends, and during summer vacation.

KIDS FIRST programs help children reach their full potential -- inspired by caring, compassionate teachers and coaches dedicated to helping each child enjoy a rich full life as a productive, caring, and responsible member of our community.


We provide education and inspiration in a safe, fun, supervised environment–offering programs to nurture these children so they graduate from high school, attend college, and can become the leaders of tomorrow.


All donations go to the children in need that are affiliated with KIDS FIRST.

7 core objectives

  • Inspire and empower the leaders of tomorrow

  • Help our children lead richer more fulfilling lives

  • Provide a safe environment for our kids to learn and grow

  • Surround our children with caring, compassionate teachers and coaches – whom help boost children’s self-esteem

  • Fill the void when kids are at highest risk – after school, weekends, and summer

  • Increase high school graduation rates and university attendance

  • Help Costa Rican kids break the poverty cycle – giving them the education they deserve 

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