IN AUGUST 2012...

Everyday Heroes Like You visited the Black Sea Air Support Team in Constanta, Romania. During our visit, we were able to team up with the United States Army and United States Marine Corps and visit various hospitals and orphanages. Through this journey we formed a partnership with Antonio Placement Center in Constanta. We immediately fell in love with each child and in that moment, knew it was time to take our organization international.


The Romanian Angels Project brings the American heart to each child, annually, during the holiday season. Everyday Heroes Like You teams up with generous souls all throughout the United States of America and connects an “Angel” (child) from Antonio Placement Center to their “sponsor”.  Each child receives from their sponsor a personalized letter, photo, and gift filled with love and encouragement.  Through this program we want every child to know that they are more than just a statistic, they are brilliantly cherished and unconditionally appreciated. Our ultimate goal is to make the greatest impact on these precious “Angels” who deserve every ounce of celebration and to harness the true giving heart of our community and gift it to the children of Antonio Placement Center.

The Romanian Angels project brings the American heart to each child during the holiday season through personalized letters and gifts.